Has Social Media Alter Your Food Choices?

Every day we are bombarded by beautiful, mouth-watering food photos on social media - Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok. Those utterly delicious-looking meals have an undeniably powerful effect on our cravings. 

I am sure you have had this perception as well. Healthier food is seen as boring, while processed food are more popular and seen as cool. For advertisements, often times we see unhealthy food in social settings. People hang out with friends for a barbeque, high carbs meals, etc. While healthy food focuses more on the nutritional value, it doesn't seem to be so "cool". 


Well, how often do you find yourself endlessly swiping through food delivery apps after looking at pop-up advertisement or a tempting recipe video, or a food picture on social media? This can affect your actual eating behavior and could result in greater consumption of healthier meals and snacks. For good or bad, the way we feed our minds through social media affects how we feed ourselves in real life, we can't help but be influenced by the messages these social platforms convey about food. Our regular intake of social scrolling gives us a sense of what's normal or appropriate for everything from portion size to body size.


On social media, there's a fine line between aspirational and outright unrealistic, but when you follow people who provide a healthy model like Fresh Bulk, you may feel empowered towards a positive change. It's never been easier to access information that's right for your own unique dietary needs via social media. One beauty of social media is its ability to bring together like-minded people whether you're a tropical fruit enthusiast or are trying a low-carb diet for the first time, you easily find others in the same positions on online platforms.


By being honest, social media isn't exactly known for setting realistic expectations. The online platform is to showcase the best and brightest of lives such as eating habits but if any posts leave you feeling overwhelmed, or bad about yourself, immediately unsubscribe. No matter how you tailor your feed for healthier food choices, there's one time it's best to step away from the screen when you're eating! Rather than checking notifications during dinner, make it a priority to focus on your own healthier food choices and really savor the food in front of you.