Food that can make your skin glow

This is not another commercial skin care advertisement or marketing poster to tell you what your favorite moisturizer can do for you. Knowing that everyone, no matter young or old, male or female likes to look good or feel good about themselves, we wanted to share in this blog the types of natural food we can eat every day to have fabulous glowing skin. Having that said, as much as we may try to resist it, our skin naturally ages. 


Eat Vegetable and Fruits

Fruits and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants that help to protect the skin from the cellular damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals can damage cells, causing illness and aging. Eat various different colors of fruits & vege. Beta-carotene is a pigment found in plants that give yellow and orange fruits and vegetables their colors. It can be found in goji berries, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, papaya, and spinach are both important for normal skin cell development and healthy skin tone. 

Eat enough Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a common nutrient found in most foods. we can get enough of the vitamin naturally through daily diet. It can be found in a variety of foods including sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnut, and vegetable oils. Nuts, and seeds, are exceptionally rich sources.  An adequate intake of this essential nutrient boosts our immunity, protects against chronic diseases, and keeps our skin and eye healthy.


Fill your diet with zinc-rich foods

Zinc plays a role in maintaining healthy skin. It plays a vital role in every stage of wound healing, from skin repair to preventing infections. It also improves the barrier function of the skin and helps to keep it hydrated and moisturized. Sources of Zinc include chicken, beans, red meats, nuts, fish, seafood, and dairy products. 


Eat healthy fats omega-3

Omega 3 fatty acid content is known to promote hydration in skin cells. It helps keep the skin hydrated, and hence reduces the chances of inflammation, red itchy skin, and marks due to dry skin. Those who are suffering from acne, eczema, psoriasis, or even sensitive skin should consider adding this to their diet. 

Foods that are very high in Omega 3 are fish, seafood, walnuts, soybeans, flax seeds, hemp seeds, and chia seeds.

Besides the diet, we must also take into consideration exercise, rest time, and mental state as a whole. Without having any of these, it is unlikely for anyone to have glowing skin.