Everything You Need To Know About Activating Nuts!

When we talk about activating nuts and seeds it means that they have to be soaked in water for a certain period of time. This process is done in order to obtain "various health benefits". The process consists in soaking raw nuts in water for a number of hours, changing the water 2-3 times, rinsing well, and consuming There are many theories related to activating nuts and many ways to do it according to the temperature of the water, the type of water, how many hours to leave them soaking and whether the water is accompanied by other components such as lemon or vinegar.


There are many benefits associated with the process of soaking nuts, from reducing antinutrients, decomposing gluten, keeping the colon clean, or preventing cancer among others The reality is more like it as with many other food fads, the true benefits of this process are being exaggerated and spreading at the speed of light by many people to gain visits and followers. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to judge what changes occur in soaked nuts; how long you need to soak them for these changes to occur; and most importantly, whether any changes that do occur make a nutritional difference to the person eating them. Today, let me share with you a recipe that you can try at home:




Soaking method

- Soak the nuts overnight in a pot of salted water. Note: cashew nuts and macadamia should only be soaked for about 6 hours maximum otherwise it may go a little slimy and the taste might change. All the other nuts are fine to soak for 12 hours longer.

- The next morning, drain the nuts and lay them on a baking tray.



- Now we ''bake'' the nuts in the oven at the very lowest temperature for 12 hours. For the electric ovens, set it to under 65ºC, or for gas ovens just leave the pilot lights on.


Storage tips

- You can store the cooked activated nuts by popping them in individual serving bags, then eat them straight from the chiller whenever you need a quick, healthy snack to keep you going between meals is a very suitable healthy snack for kids, they may definitely love it even those who hate nuts too.

As raw nuts contain enzymes inhibitors that sometimes cause an upset stomach, this is why mainly the nuts are activated to helo breakdown these inhibitors, which releases the enzymes and makes nuts easier to digest and gentler on the stomach.