Chicken Soup

Herbal soup in Chinese culture is one of the most beloved dishes! It’s a cure-all for illness, for imbalance in the body, mind, or soul, and for boosting immune system function and overall health. Herbal soup is especially enjoyed in the winter months, but it can be made during any season. Easy-to-ready soup that is naturally dense with their nutrient level. It is important to combine all the herbs and remedies, that target to resolve health concerns such as digestive problems, headaches, or high blood pressure.

The best part is, the entire healing process is all-natural and made with real, chemical-free food which has no manufactured ingredients included. A most popular form of Chinese healing food is slow-cooked soup when it is lovingly made for an older member of the family, a patient recovering from surgery, kids who are facing challenging exams, or a new mom who is nursing her baby. 

There are a few other ways of designing or creating your own soup according to your own specific health concern which you may like to address. Therefore, you may also select ingredients that provide energy for your body to fight the extreme condition of weather which can be winter, wind, or hot. Many among us are facing health issues at certain ages, some could be in an early stage and some when they grow older.

Hence during this time, it is really important to nourish our bodies with more nutrients and immunity boosters so our organs can keep us healthy and stay bloomy. All the herbs are locally curated to maintain the freshness and to bring a great fragrance into the soups when you soak them before cooking. Here is a superb traditional Chicken Herbal Soup recipe that brings you a speedy recovery from facing any of the challenges stated above.



- 1kg of either organic chicken or plain chicken

- 20g red dates - calms the nervous system, nourish lungs

- 10g Astragalus root (黄芪) - improve immune resistance

- 10g wild yam (淮山) - treats menopause symptoms, reduce cramps and muscular pain

- 10g dried scallop

- 8g Solomon's seal (玉竹) - treat lungs disorder, reduce swelling and bruises

- 8g dried longan meat (replenish blood)

- 5g Codonopsis root (党参) - increases red and white blood cells, promotes blood circulation

- 5g grounded ginger

- 5g dried figs - improve eyesight, relieve cough 

- 1 (1/4) tablespoon goji berries - boost kidney function

- 1 teaspoon salt

- Amount of water is sufficient to cook the chicken

Method of cooking

- Clean the chicken thoroughly under running water. Remove the giblets and change the water several times until the water runs clear.

- Cut off the chicken feet nail and the extra fats of the chicken.

- Place the chicken in a pot of boiling water for three minutes. Remove and clear once more under running water and drain it.

- Soak the dried herbs in water for three minutes to remove any dirt and sand. Then pick up the herbs and set them aside.

- Place the chicken and all the herbs (except goji berries) in a pot. Add boiling water just enough to cook all the ingredients.

- Simmer over low heat for about 2.5 hours or until the chicken meat becomes very soft and tender.

- Add the goji berries and salt.

- Simmer over very low heat for another 20 minutes, and it is ready to serve.